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Welcome to my homepage!

I graduate at the University of Odontology in Kolozsvár (Cluj, Romania) in 1975 and I have worked as a dentist since then. I took a specialised examination on diseases of the teeth and the mouth at Orzságos Stomatológia Intézet (National Institute of Stomatology) in Budapest in 1990. In our excellently equipped dental surgeries we posses all the technival instruments that can incidentally be found separately in other dental surgeries. I offer global dental service from OP X-ray photos through implantation to aesthetic dentistry.

I am looking forward to your honourable contacting.

Dr. György Kurkó

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    At Kurkodent we perform our dental work with maximum responsibility and use only reliable sources of quality dental materials that meet the strictest quality standards.
    We have 3 years in the dental laboratory, we have a 5 year guarantee for the structural elements of the implanted implant, with proper use, in compliance with medical instructions, 6 months of inspection and very strict oral hygiene.

    The warranty does not cover:

    • irrespective of any interference with any other illness causing the complaint,
    • the inflammatory diseases of the uterus, the jaw, the gums and the resulting damage
    • due to local or remote inflammation of the implants due to the failure to follow the prescribed aftercare, control tests and oral hygiene instructions, or other distant organ disorder.
    • any co-morbidities that may affect the condition of the teeth,
    • harms caused by psychic habits (nocturnal toothbrushing),
    • intentional damage, injury resulting from an accident.


    Our private practice is in regular contact with an oral surgeon and an ortodontist specialist.

    Dr. Kurkó György

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