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Наша частная практика находится в постоянном контакте с оральным хирургом и ортодонтистом.

Validity 1st January 2019
Fast filling10 EUR
Glassionomer filling30 EUR
Halogen light hardened composite filling50 EUR
Root treatment and root canal filling /canal/70 EUR
X-ray10 EUR
Panorama X-ray30 EUR
Metal pin60 EUR
Tooth extraction50 EUR
Tooth scaling70 EUR
Apical (root apex) resection150 EUR
Crown removal10 EUR
Sleeve crown60 EUR
Porcelain covering crown110 EUR
Porcelain covering crown, CAD/CAM140 EUR
Porcelain covering crown over implanting, CAD/CAM170 EUR
Porcelain covering crown with gold + material150 EUR + gold
Porcelain covering crown with zirconium, CAD/CAM185 EUR
Plastic prosthesis with plastic tooth450 EUR
Plastic prosthesis with porcelain tooth600 EUR
Metal plated plastic prosthesis with porcelain tooth650 EUR
Porcelain covered supporting element (slide)200 EUR
Titanium implanting pin, implanting pole (Implant Direct–Legacy System)800-900 EUR
Dr György Kurkó